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commercial prices


LawnSite Member
north east ohio
I charge $55 an hour to do shrubs cause I dont like to do them and I get 25% of my customers who think thats fine I guess thats cause they dont want to do it either, and as far as under bidding 8000 bucks thats just plain stupid if you have that kind of inside info maybe 500 bucks but 8000 thats just crazy.I do work for 2 townships where bids are public Info and last year I came in 25 dollars under the year before and got both jobs and as far as I could see they were both overpriced anyway and by the end of this year I was very close to estimating my time and came in 10 hours under on 1 job and 7 hours on the other(more profit)I dont think this guy will make it,that job was priced that high for a reason maybe he will find out hopefully sooner than later!!!!!