Commercial pricing


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I live in massachusetts and run a residential landscape company with about 60 accounts. We are trying to expand into commercial accounts but needs some tips on how to determine how much to bid on commercial accounts without over bidding. Any tips are appreciated, thanks.


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DITTO JIMMY'S question. residential is getting old and worn it's welcome.

Tony S

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Webster MA
I'm just south of Worcester. What part you from?<p>----------<br>&lt;A HREF=&quot;;&gt;Tony S.&lt;/A&gt;<br>

gene gls

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I'm west of Springfield,Ma.. I think there is more cut throat actions going on in commerical work.I know of guys mowing cheap just to get the other landscape requirements and then adjusting the price for thoes requirements to make up the mowing charge.<p>I look at a commerical account the same as a residentual. I do figure in a little extra for doing a more precise job. There are a lot more eyes looking at your work trying to find mistakes(short cuts).Its best to do commerical durning their closed hours, no cars and people to work around.