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    Hey guys not for nothing and I am definitely not trying to start a pissing match. But you know when you hire an Electrician and he replaces a fixture they have pricing books. Same with plumbers., your local mechanic also has a pricing book that tells him how long a job should take and parts cost and what total charges should be. Good luck to all.
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    I dont accept customers who would settle for that rubbish.
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    Obviously, you do not maintain large properties. Just by your equipment description I can tell you must be referring to small commercial. If that is the case, I agree with you. There is a niche in small commercial that is too small for Brickman and other nationwide companies to maintain. Brickman knows there sh!t and I would be willing to bet they would do a better job than you on a 50 acre commercial site and probably half your price.
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    Maybe it's a regional thing, but Brickman does absolute crap work here. They're always the cheapest and their sites look like HELL.

    Valley Crest on the other hand is a boutique firm who gets a large percentage of the high end, high dollar commercial work. Their offices are chocked full of people with horticulture degrees, pesticide and irrigation licenses.

    They don't have 2billion in revenue because they suck at what they do...

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