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commercial pricing

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need help on pricing. i am new at this any help would be really appreciated.

approx. 38,000 sq. ft. to mow- i think 1 hr. or less

approx. 2,100 lin. ft. to trim- i think 30 min.

blow clippings- can be done in under 30 min.

this is a bank grass mostly on islands in parking lot.

i have-52in. ztr husq.
48in. tractor mower
3 weed eaters
1 back pak blower

any help would be greatly appreciated
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$45 to $75 depending on how nice they want it. you will learn quickly that most of the time if you do a good job you will be able to get more than youd expect out of people so be careful and dont underbid yourself
Normally I would say that my prices are low compared to what the rest of the nation is at, but I'm thinking I'm a little high. That's a little over half acre, so I would say upwards of $50. I take care of a 1/4 acre for $65 a cut. I'm in and out in 1 hour, that's mowing, trimming, edging and blowing. I'm using a 36" TTHP and I'm running solo. Not too bad for me. Over the last 2 years, Lawnsite has helped my pricing. My average hourly rate is $45 an hour. Good luck with it! Commercial is quite lucrative if you get the right ones.
Quarter Acre Prices start at $25
Half Acre Prices start at $45.

It all depends on what your overhead is.

as my dad would say "Do a mans work, get a mans pay"

Never under-cut family!!!!
Not knowing the quality of the turf and the surroundings.

I would estimate towards that high end of $75 that was stated above.
thank everyone for the help, i am going to submit bid today.

I would shoot for $90.

How tall is the grass / has it been mowed recently or are you gonna have to "cut it in"?
How often will they have you do it - may wanna charge a little more if they won't let you do it often.
Also, you may consider getting a stick edger as it will save you a LOT of time as opposed to using a string trimmer for this. If you have enough business (even if just a few) it would be well worth the investment. At least it was for me. And I can cut a perfectly straight line with it every time.
Hope this info helps. Good Luck - and as a previous post suggests, Don't underbid. When I give a quote, since I tend to keep my customers for many years, I try to make sure it will be a price I can feel comfortable with even as inflation occurs over several years. This will also encourage you to do your best quality work. But be sure you remain competitive.
thanks for info., i am trying to decide on stick trimmer or 3 wheel trimmer.
thanks to everyone that replied
we shoot for $30 hr. for residential and $45 hr. for commercial, so i would say somewhere around $90.
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