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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TTM42, May 30, 2011.

  1. TTM42

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    I have an account that is a church and part of the property has a playground that they want taken care of. The problem with this is that separating the lawn and the playground is just some crossfire and the bottom of the playground is pea gravel. Over the years the kids have thrown pea gravel onto the turf that I have to mow. I have tried push mowing it and lightly weed eating it and have broken windows twice doing that because there are windows surrounding the playground. They still want it done but haven't done anything about the pea gravel in the turf problem. Any suggestions on how to tactfully handle this? By the way the windows were replaced by us, not the church.
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  2. Georgia Lawn Works LLC

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    Add a clause in the agreement or contract that you won't be responsible for any damage caused by the problem. Id come up with a solution your self. And then talk with the owners about implementing it. If they don't tell them you need to sign this peice of paper.
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  3. MR-G

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    spray roundup where the gravel is....or plant a hedge and make a bed along where they throw the gravel....or explain the problem with the gravel and ask them for any suggestions as to how they would like to handle it....have them sign a waiver that you can no longer be responsible for the windows if something isnt done about the gravel.....
  4. ecurbthims

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    bring a piece of plywood with you and lay it up against the wall covering the windows .
  5. Greenery

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    Get rid of the rock and install edging and rubber mulch.
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  6. TNGrassCutter

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  7. JB1

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    mow high.!!!
  8. weeze

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    expand the pea gravel area and put some kind of border to keep it in so it can't get on the grass.
  9. Georgia Lawn Works LLC

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    Landscape timbers would be high enough not to let anything be pushed out by the kids.
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    good answer.

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