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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PLM-1, Sep 2, 2004.

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    When and if you guys send mailings about your services to churches, business or strip malls who do address the letters to and how do you find out the owners of the buildings if it is a strip mall or business complex.

    Also, what do you all say in these letters?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. PLM-1

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    come on guys...

    i know you guys have to mow them right??? LOL
  3. Fantasy Lawns

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    Here's what I send each Spring to PM's

    Property Manager or Owner:

    Fantasy Lawns would like to be considered for any Lawn & Landscape Maintenance bids concerning your Common Grounds. If you are accepting bids this Spring or in the Future, please contact us by phone, e-mail or fax, any questions or bid package for any property, after all estimates are competitive and free

    Our Local County Licenses is # 009730540, Federal Tax EIN # 59-3420701. We carry Commercial Vehicle & Liability Insurance for $1,000,000.00. Our friendly Staff is always available for any questions or request; our Employees are Courteous, Well kept & Covered with Workman's Comp.

    We offer from Basic to Full Lawn & Landscape Maintenance, Flower Beds, Palm & Tree Trimming, Pest Control, Fertilization Programs, Irrigation Repairs as well as Landscape Installations.

    We have available Commercial Property References from a variety of Local Commercial & Premium Residential Customers.

    Please visit our site on the Web at for samples of our work as well as complete descriptions of our services or to e-mail questions you may have
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    anyone else?
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    BE AWARE - Most Commercial properties are rough - Plan on 1/2 speed mowing. Thanks, Brad
  6. specialtylc

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    Instead of sending letters, you will have a better response from in person contact. Most companies you send a letter to will ROUND FILE it before it ever gets to the person who makes the grounds maintenence decisions.

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