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Commercial Property - 2 men - 1 Hr - Full Service - You Would Charge?


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Denver, Colorado
As a full landscape company in Colorado I added maintenance operations 2 years ago. On several commercial accounts I acquired last year I charged $65.00 an hour for 1 very qualified man with truck, trailer and full equipment. I also charged $45.00 an hour for a loborer. Turf areas averaging 5000 sq ft. Lots of ornamental beds with weeds being somewhat of an issue. Parking lots to be blown off. Trash to be picked up. Pruning as needed. Bedding material to be returned to originating beds. Etc... Most of these accounts take about 50 minutes to an hour. To recapp: 2 men full service for 1 hr costing $110.00 for that hr. Where am I compared to what you would charge? I am a bit unaware of going rates for commercial maintenance here. I am new to this site and this is also my first thread.

Greenleaf Lawns

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Wichita, Ks
Some here will say you are to low. I would charge less, but when I can gross $55.00 or more per man hr I smile cause sometimes you will be on the other end.

Raymond S.

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I think you're right on par, perhaps a TOUCH low but only by $10-$15. I want to extend a very big THANK YOU for the way you went about your first post. Unlike many guys on this site who want answers given to them, you posted your situation and your actual prices to give us a background and starting point. I commend you on that. That will get you much further on this site than just asking questions...There is a ton of info here. Don't be afraid of the search button and also, Welcome to Lawnsite...:clapping:


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West, GA
What is that sound? Everyone on LS packing their equipment for a move to Denver.:waving:

Good post, keep your customers happy and prevent a bidding war, you are doing just fine.