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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by E-lawns, Jun 1, 2011.

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    I will be submitting a bid for mowing a commercial property, which the area is approximately 26,000 sqft. It will take about 2hrs to complete the job (mow, blow, and edge). This will be my first commercial bid, and I am trying to figure out how I should base my rate.

    My question is: Should I base the rate on residential sqft. pricing, ie. $36 per 5000 sqft of turf? Knowing my low overhead, what formula should be used to generate the pricing and equipment paid for. Your help is greatly appreciated, as I am new to the business, and respect your seasoned knowledge.

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    Does your overhead and operating costs change if you are on a commercial vs. a residential lawn?

    If you have calculated your rate properly , then there is no reason
    why the two would be any different. JMO
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    With my equipment paid for, the highest overhead cost are man hours and insurance. Insurance is constant and manhours varies. Based from your response, I guess I am headed in the right direction. Just want to make sure I am not cutting myself and the business short. thanks Dirtandhoops
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    On the other hand, it is cheaper to do one location at 26,000 sq ft than it is to travel to four different locations to do the same amount. And is this commercial location more open and obstacle free than your typical residentials or is it more difficult?
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    The commercial property is pretty much open, not to many obstacles, just a few small tree beds. And i agree with you, it is cheaper to service this commercial property for about 2-3 hours a week versus, driving to 4-5 residential properties. I have been trying to think of all the advantages and disadvantages. There are not many disadvantages. So far, I have come up with $145.00/cut for 26,000sqft.
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    the major disadvantages to commercial jobs is ....if your schedule is full and you lose the 2 +hours of work its a substantial loss to your company ... if all your commercials are 2+ hours it limits the number of jobs you are capible of completing daily again putting you at a higher risk of failure if 2 jobs fire you ........ Dont invest nuch time in a commercial job because every year a new lawn guy will bid it $1.00 lower to get it from you . welcome to business 101
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    at just over 1/2 an acre why is it going to take 2 hours? Especially if its wide open and not a lot of obsticles? We do a 33k strip mall and it takes 2 of us 1 hour mow, trim, collect large trash items from parking lot (about 1 acre) and then blow it off. Theres a lot of trimming since theres smaller islands and areas inaccessable with a ztr or wb. The blowing is tough becasue its like a wind tunnel there and everything has a curb line.

    Your way to high on that job. I am getting $60.00/cut on mine, which is a good price. I wasnt the low bidder but I wasnt the high bidder either. But 2 hours for 1/2 acre? What equipment are you using a 36" wb?
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    2hr timeframe was the max, which I was using given the amount of edging, trimming, blowing and trash removal. Also, this was the beginning project time, which I feel the time will be faster as we become more fimiliar with the property. We will be using a 36"wb, 48"wb and 2- 21" for sidewalk areas.
  9. starry night

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    I wondered about that, too. I don't compare prices per acre or 1000 sq ft or whatever because each area's economy is different. But, we all have the same capacity for time management no matter where we live.
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