Commercial property scare tactics

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nobagger, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. nobagger

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    We do some mowing and landscape work for a fert. company and yesterday we were asked to bid on a 2.5 acre property. It's for the most part a wide open lot, front and back. We met the property manager and he said they were taking bids but the company he uses he was very happy with (so why are you shopping:confused: ) and he stated the company they use now are in a nutshell untouchable in price. So I felt like asking him WTF, then why are you even looking. But it's like some laim scare tactic I think they use to try and get the price down. I just politely said well we'll get you a very competitive bid in and thanks for the opportunity. This isn't the first time this year I have heard that from a property manager. They must have come out with a new property manager manual this year.:laugh: All I can say is stick to your guns and don't let scare tactics like this sway your bid.
  2. cgland

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    Alot of times most property mgrs. are required to go out and get bids every year or two for all of their services. I don't think it's a scare tactic, just him letting you know that the co. he has is rediculously cheap. Maybe, he was even trying to help you out.

  3. horseman201

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    Had the same thing happen to me last August. A local nursing home wanted to get three bids and like a bunch of fools we gave a bid that was very reasonable. Maybe in the end we will get a call in the future to take over.
  4. Ky.Smoke

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    I agree with Land. Most places have to get quotes every year. It sucks but just keep at it and some will come your way.
  5. K&L Landscaping

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    Give me some good residential's over commercial's any day! I broke my back for a while trying to get commercial accounts and luckily I succeeded. Since then I have seen the light and no longer actively seek commercial accounts. All they are looking at is their bottom line and don't really care that much about the quality of service. I WILL NOT compromise my level of quality just to get an acoount. If they call me I will be glad to go visit with them, but as far as beating on their door NO WAY!
  6. ed2hess

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    There is a set of small commercial properties like the big hotel chains and nice resturants that care a LOT about quality. On the other hand there are many mow/trim commericial properties that seen to care less about quality. It is very rewarding to work on nice commercial and we make almost as much as we do on residential. It takes alot of "working on the relationship" to keep them from going with lower bidders. The main thing beyond quality work is to respond to special request immediately!!! That gets the bigger companies thrown out.
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    Now when I run into this I just say "please don't confuse my honesty with rudeness and excuse me for being upfront with you but.... (insert whatever it is I REALLY THINK HERE)"

    The either get privately offended, still just don't get it, or appreciate my honesty.
    Anymore, to me it just does not matter which. So long as I have taken advantage of the opportunity to clearly state the obvious and present the sales pitch of why I cost more and why I am worth every penny... well then I am happy.... job or no job.

    I can't help it anymore, these are like the ultimate "well DUH! Here's your SIGN!" situations.

    UNtouchable price = UNhappy with service

    Yet they just can't seem to figure out why ____________ (fill in the blank)
  8. topsites

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    I'll be working Sundays this year :)

    Yes, part of it is the fact they have to get 3 estimates every year, regardless.

    I felt that way with a bid I turned in, like it was just a big waste of my time, why even bother? But, the guy who asked me is a regular of mine, and I felt I should at least get a contract typed up (so even if I don't get the bid, at least I can save it to my hard-drive so I can edit-and-paste later, anytime it comes around again). That, and this is my 5th year, I felt it was about time but I will add I was advised not to bid until I had at least 3-4 years in (and the reason is I needed the experience).

    Because to a point, it's just a numbers game. I did figure that much out, do NOT let your price down, just keep bidding what you think you should get, and sooner or later you will get the bid. Maybe first one, maybe the fifteenth one, but it doesn't matter because the money is so big that it's worth playing this stupid game... Bid high for all it matters, but whatever you do, do NOT bid low in hopes of getting the job - Bid a fair price and let it fly... It has to do with the person best-equipped can bid the best, not because they're the cheapest, but best equipped for the job means they can get it done the fastest. So, always bid appropriately and if they have someone who is unbeatable, don't let it phase you, you bid what you need to get paid, period. If they say no, then you have done your job just as if they had said yes.

    In my case, I figured why not...
    It's a small place, only maybe 170 offices or so, about an acre of turf on about 4 acres of land (lots of curbs thou).
    Took an hour or two to add it all up, then I came up with a total price (for the year), added another 25 percent and turned it in.
    I'm not kidding, I dislike bidding an entire year's in advance because I never know what's coming... +25 percent covers that, and if there's money left over, I'll be glad to put in extra mulch or more fertilizer or whatever I can think of to make the place look even better.

    I got the bid yesterday.
  9. deereman

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    Yes I love there scare tactics. We had one of our new accounts last year try to tell me that they loved our service and would love to have us back for the same price as last year(2005). They will find out when I send him the new contract along with our yearly spring letter and contract. If he signs cool, if not cool. He will NOT tell me what he will pay. Maybe somebody else , but not this cat!! And if that aint good enough I will walk in a new york minutesporty

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