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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by worx, Jun 12, 2008.

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    I would like some input on lighting commercial properties. I understand that commercial properties usually require more pop. There also tends to be alot of existing light pollution around. I have an opportunity to meet with the architect and perhaps address some of these issues. Any suggestions on for prepping a commercial prop. for lighting. I realize I have left out many details along with a budget but this is all I have for now.

    I will update as soon as I know more.
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    Commercial property lighting is being done in Low Voltage now across the country! You do have more ambient light issues to contend with, some properties just are not suited to use Low Voltage so you have to be honest with yourself and the client in these situations.

    Obviously you will want to make sure that in a commercial setting you take into consideration the possibility of vandalism. Install heavy duty lights with Zero-G Docking Posts / Perma Posts to make it hard to rip or move out of the ground. I would recommend fixtures that will carry good warranties and have the ability to last a long time while looking good. This holds especially true when doing a restaurant or highly visible commercial property.

    Safety and security should always be taken into consideration. Most commercial properties will have minimum foot candle requirements for pathways and walk ways. Know these requirements and make sure to meet or exceed these requirements. It is common to utilize higher wattage lamps in these commercial settings. Depending on your competing ambient light you may need to go as high as 50w in some situations.

    Just like in residential I feel that the building you are lighting should be the main focal point, highlighting all signage and entry ways. If this is a restaurant or a commercial building frequented by patrons in the evenings there may be some other factors to take into consideration. Obviously restaurants and bars will have areas and points of interest to focus on. Sometimes that's landscape or architectural features.

    Transformers should be direct burial or if above ground it is best if they are locked up to prevent people from getting in and fooling with the voltage settings and timer settings.

    If you want to discuss further I am available at any of the numbers below. I am forgetting a lot I am sure. I have photos I can share with you of commercial properties that we have been a part of to better help illustrate what i am talking about. I could also go further into the products to use or that we have used.

    Good Luck!



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    Steve your message cut out after you got to the 982...of your phone em back or PM me your number. Thanks Steve.

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