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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Hanoverfiste, Jun 17, 2009.

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    Hello there, last year I had a few commercial jobs, but they were small lots no bigger than the average large driveway, maybe 4000 sf. so I just charged the residential rate and they had no problem with it.. I am now going to submit a quote for 18400 square foot parking lot, without striping
    and its a church, I was thinking .11 or .13 cents a square foot.? :canadaflag:
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    I just gave a quote today for a 22500 square foot lot... biggest yet! I have done a handfull of lots this year and price depends on the amount of work, for example if the lot is very dirty or has alot of bad oil spots I charge alot more or tell them to hire somebody to power wash it. How many trips you need to make also effect price.

    Do the math, figure out the amout of time and cost that that job requires then price the job at what you are comfortable making.

    There is one guy I know who is doing churches for 7 cents a square foot. He gets ALOT of them and he can have them. I make more doing driveways. Point is going too cheap on parking lots makes no sense and you might as well spend your energy on getting Residential driveways and a bunch of new customers instead of one.
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    7 cents a sq fooot for a 22k sq foot lot would be 1540.00 your cost maybe 800.00 after taxes,labor, material, overhead.. 740.00 profit for probably 3-4 hours of work isnt bad. You can charge a lower number on a larger lot because of the fact that your not driving around job to job and it is alot faster sprayinh 20k plus than 2 k with a lot of edging........
  4. Hanoverfiste

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    EWS, were talking canuk bucks here:canadaflag:
  5. ORRUG2K

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    I AGREE FOR SPRAYING ONE COAT THAT SEEMS FINE. I am trying to figure out how cheap i can brush it down and still make a fat check. I used to charge 100 a yard but that seems to be too muchnow. too many guys are doing it for .35 a yard spraying. I can get more because the owners dont like spray but not sure that much. Guess i better take what i can get and be happy.

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