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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by btbej, Mar 24, 2004.

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    I am bidding on a few complexes for a commercial realtor and this is my first realty bid (I have heard how they are cheap). My question is when you bid these do you still use the same formulas. For instance I use the sq ft x .00365 up to 20k or .0022 up to 1 acre depending on the sq ft. (i got this a year ago from someone on this forum and it seems to work).

    On these buildings I am looking at

    Location I - 17,725 sq. ft. $39.00 per cut
    Location II - 31,081 sq ft. $68.38 per cut
    Location III - 61,881 sq ft. $136.14 per cut

    Mulch and tending to the landscaping is the biggest issue for these places. I am looking at 200 shrubs per location, pruning over 60 trees, and spreading 178 yards of mulch. How would you price the bushes and the mulch being that this is a good quantity job?

    Just wanting to get some feedback with companies that have experience with commercial realtor jobs.


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