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  1. worx

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    I have searched the forum for commercial vs. residential and can not find the info. I am looking for. How much of your business is commercial vs. residential? Of the commercial clients that you have, what is the prevailing business,...banks, restaurants, retail business.....?
  2. hotrod1965

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    You can target anyone you want. I know companies that all they do is commercial...

    We are about 15% commercial, more by chance than targeting them.
  3. turf hokie

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    We got our feet wet in the residential before we even considered the commercial market.

    Smaller job = less money to lose if you screw up the estimate.

    We are now targeting more commercial, currently about 30% of revenue comes from commercial.
  4. Christmas Pro

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    When we started, we also started with residential primarily, as it was easier to get started and learn the ropes, plus marketing is a breeze. our first commecial clients came from our existing customers from our other business, and shortly there after we began actively marketing to attract commercial clients.

    there is big money and big profits in large commercial clients and is a great way to get your company noticed. They just opened a large outdoor mall here, and we did a huge $52,000 lighting job for their holiday grand opening. The press we recieved off that job was incredible and now everybody says "Oh, your the guys who did the mall"...BAM instant expert status and credibility.

    As to what percentage of our business is commercial vs residential, I would say that up until about 2 years ago we were probably 20% Commercial to 80% Residential, now however I would say that we are 40 to 45% Commercial and growing. I would like to make our commercial side larger than the residential side, because we vastly prefer doing commercial installs.
  5. worx

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    I agree with residential prior to large commercial most definitely. The commercial jobs I am talking about starting with are small business owners whose buildings are about the size of small houses, probably around 1200 to 2000 sq. ft. I felt that it would be an easy fit tying them into the community and advertising there business along the way. Just my thinking anyway. Small retail shops, banks, and professional offices. We have alot of lawyers, architects, and other professionals in the historic district that have converted old houses into offices.
  6. David Gretzmier

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    We do about a 20%-30% commercial to 70-80% residential. Commercial is great because you can do them early if they have c-9's, and the jobs tend to be safer because of flat roofs. given the larger number of bulbs, commercials tend to require more maintenance than residential during the lit season, probably weekly visits if it exceeds 800 bulbs, and twice weekly if it exceeds 1200 or so. we have buildings that have 2000 and up, and they require daily maintenance, as 1-2 bulbs go out per day if they are on 8 hours.

    Also some commercials have roof access only through roof hatch, and can only be accessed 8-5 m-f. if they won't give you keys and access codes, then you can have bulbs out on weekends and holidays and be unable to fix it. also, power and GFCI's tend to be a bigger issue on commercials, and resetting takes more time than residentials.
  7. Christmas Pro

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    another thing about commercial and early installs in general, if there are wreaths or banners or garland or some other similar type of items in the display, we will go out as early as possible and install all the lights and low profile stuff and then come back later in the season and install the rest of the high profile decorations.

    This lets us get a chunk of the install out of the way early, and then when we come back the left over install is usually very quick.
  8. yard_smart

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    50/50 comm resi as far as accounts but

    commercial is 83% of our gross sales if that tells you anything

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