Commercial Sealer, Bitchmal or SS-1 to seal asphalt.

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    For years I worked for an asphalt paving company. We patch paved city street utility repairs. Before we would fill a cut we would spray bitchmal/SS-1 tack oil on the edges of the cut. Pave the cut and then some guys would fog the fresh AC and everyone would spray a thick coat on the fresh edges. This was done on city streets with lots of traffic. I could drive by years later and still see that thick coat of SS-1 along the edges. In my mind this seemed like the perfect solution when it came time for me to "seal coat" my driveway. I'm no longer with that company but I checked around with seal coaters and everyone squeegeed the thick stuff that would pour out of their trailers. No body ever heard of using SS-1 to seal a driveway. So I had a commercial product applied and it came out nice. But I have always wondered about the tack oil sealers. Reading this forum I notice some men here "spray" their product. Are you using bitchmal/SS-1 tack oil? From my experience of seeing this product sprayed on city streets and interstate highways and seems to last for ever I thought I would pose this question here to you professionals and see what you think........

    Thanks for your time and responses......


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