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    I'm wondering if i Put advertisement on the side of my truck if I would have to run commercial tags on it ?

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    whether you put advertisement on the side or not if you use it for commercial purposes (i.e. pulling your mowing equipment) then you are suposed to have comm. tags.
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    tks for the info , I just started about 5 mo. ago and it seems like everytime I turn around the money I make goes right back in the business.
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    That's why it's called the "Green" business.
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    :usflag: Look at the other landscapers tags in your area. That will give you an idea as to how the laws work there!!:usflag:
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    in ohio, if you use your vehical to make money, you must have commercial plates on the vehical and trailor...... its not that much more, but the tickets will pile up soon if you dont.....
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    It took me a lot of me a lot of money in the first couple of months to keep my business going. I didn't plan on making profits, until 6 months. How's the new business working for you gman?
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    A friend of mine purchased a second truck and put lettering on it before he got his commercial plates and got pulled over immediately. I think he said the fine was $390.00 the cop didn't even let him off with a warning. He is a legitimate business man/LCO for 20 years now. He warned me to get the plates then the lettering so I did!
    Funny they don't seem to bother people pulling trailers with un-lettered trucks and standard plates.... If they did it would cut down on all the illegal operators...
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    Come to Tn and see.. There people who mower com. don't pay taxes why do they need to buy tags!!!

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