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Commercial Trash


Master of the Lawn

What to do about trashy commercial jobs? When i bid i figured in time to pu trash, but lately its been terriable. I dont want to blow it out onto the street, luckily it was windy today that took care of most of it.;)


LawnSite Senior Member
You got to love the wind, but it can be a double-edged sword. Unreal how much litter is actually blowing around out there.


LawnSite Member
Cheyenne, WY
Get a groundskeeper bag from W.E Chaps and pick it up as you mow. They have velcro straps and hang on the mower. Then just dump it out in the dumpster when you leave. Picking up trash at a commercial site will score you big points with the owner.


LawnSite Senior Member
Charlotte, NC
I have one site that the litter was plumb out of hand. I would pick it up and then the next day it was even worse. I took the owner outside and showed it to him after i cleaned it up that day. I told him to look at it the next morning. He agreed with me and saw the problem I had. I literally filed up 2 garbage bags a week. He agreed to have his employees take turns each morning and pick up the trash. It help his property look much better and when I pick it up also it is even better. That was 3 years ago and they still do it every day. Great group of employees.