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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Landscape Atlanta, Mar 28, 2009.

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    I am in the mix purchasing new/slightly used equipment and don't know which brand to go with. There are more Toro and Exmark dealers around the Atlanta area than most other brands but there is a huge difference in price. I am looking to go 46" to 52" but leaning towards the 46"-48". I have been told the 36" Wright can cut as much as the 48" but have no idea.

    HELP!!!! My opinions on zero turn mowers are the following:

    Wright 36" Stand Rider - $5499

    Club Cadet Commercial:
    The Tank 48" 23hp - $6299 (says it cuts 6.5 acres per hour)
    The Recon 48"23hp - $5470

    Hustler Z 52" - $5900

    Exmark 48" 20hp - $6999 (like a 1/2 ton truck)
    Exmark 48" 20hp - $7499 (like a 3/4 ton truck)
    Exmark 48" 23hp - $8999 (like a dually truck)


    Used Exmark 46" 23hp w/89hrs - $6699
    Used Exmark 46" 19hp w/146hrs - $5975
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    What would you bought????
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    None of them... I'd buy a Dixie Chopper.:usflag::weightlifter:

    You're in the wrong section. Post this in the Commercial Mowing forum.
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    The Wright 36" is a very good mower for the Atlanta area,It comes in a Stander RH or Sentar Sport. Contact any of the dealers in the Atlanta area and the will get you a demo set up. It is also available in walk behind models.

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