Commercial users, what is your Ferris experience?


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I've been slowly building my business over the past 5 years, and finally purchased my first commercial grade mower: the ISX 3300. I'm very impressed by this mower overall - a 37 HP EFI zero turn is a class of its own - but I would like to know the long-term value of it.

Has it held up well with its extensive maintenance requirements? Have you had any problems directly related to the suspension?

My unit was a demo, so it already has <300 hours on it. On a side note, it has an odd 'hum' when PTO is engaged, and I'm not talking about the typical blade woosh; it sounds like a tornado siren. The spindles are good, as are the idlers. We are replacing the PTO belt in hopes that this fixes it. Has anyone experienced a similar issue?

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