Commercial vs. Residential

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RYAN, Apr 20, 2000.

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    If you get the right commercial jobs,you can<br>make good dollars.Commercial jobs aren't as<br>fussy as some residential clients.Years ago<br>we did a few residential jobs but got sick of<br>anal retentive customers. Get in touch with<br>the project managers of large sub divisions<br>and ask if they would like a price on their<br>work. Also remember it's not what you know<br>it's who you know.<p>Karl<br>
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    I run a mix of commercial & residential; I like commercial better, cause they're usually bigger & more $$ on average. But the problem with comm. prop's is CORPORATE- many times new bosses mean they could care less who does the lawn, & if they do a good job; it's bottom dollar to make them look good.<br>The only problem with this industry is that res. or comm., you still have to deal with people, & that can make or break you.<br>This year, I've about had it with old people calling for a bid, & expect you to do it as cheap as the neighborhood boy.<br>The kind of residentials I like are the people who stay in the house when I'm there & continue doing what they were doing; I can't stand nosy old people who think I'm gonna run over their dainty flowers unless they gawk at me the whole time I'm there-get a life. <br>Also watch out for the types that ask how big/what type of mowers you use. I tell them I use commercial equip cuz they do a better job, & I want to do it right. If you want me to use a 21&quot; push mower on your 1/2 acre, then I'll give you a push mower bid price.<br>You don't call a plumber to fix your leak, then go thru his tool box & tell him what tools he can't use! If they don't like big mowers, bye bye. PERIOD.<br>You can tell I'm getting fed up with the caliber of idiots calling me this season; last few years prior have been great. Must be something in the water this year; dumb people & no one wants to part with their $$ either. Anyone else running into this?<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<p>
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    Ryan, I think Yardsmith answered your <br>question perfectly. When you do commercial<br>work you are dealing with other professionals.(hopefully) <p>Karl<br>
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    Smitty,<br>It must be global warming...the idiot factor is everywhere. I can usually figure a new customer out after two cuttings, if they are freaky, I say goodbye, my equipment was stolen or something.<p>I like the residentials, 95% of people are nice, interesting, etc. The 5% kooks make for some good stories.
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    could not have said it better myself yardsmith

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