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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dtelawncare, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. dtelawncare

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    I have 9 residential accounts currently. I have to bid a commercial in a couple days (4 gas stations). I know what I would charge if they were residential, but how much should I increase the price for being commercial. I don't want to price myself out of the job or leave anything on the table either.
  2. nobagger

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    Good question, a lot of guys charge as much as $10-$20 dollars more. I am only $3.00 more per hour when it comes to commercial. That could be way off from my competition but I don't know thats just what I charge. Generally my prices remain the same, (mulch,landscaping,spring clean ups etc)the only price that increases is mowing. Or if they have a lot of mulch, (over 15 yards) I give them a price break of a few bucks per yard. Some may diagree but thats just how I do it.:waving:
  3. Runner

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    There's really no difference. It all depends on the level of service, location (road time), and and amount of work entailed. Sometimes, on accounts like this, the price is pro-rated a bit because of the amount of work you are getting, but not always. On the larger commercials of course, the amount per area drops because you have it all right there. You don't have to contend with all the driving time.
  4. nobagger

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    One more thing, commercial accounts are not all what their cracked up to be, IMO. The ones we have are good accounts but I've bid on my share of PITA's over the past few years and I'm glad I didn't get them. In fact we turned one down this year due to many,many stipulations-(had to mow on this day, had to be done by a certain time, could only do certain jobs at specific days and in a time frame, I didn't even waste my time doing any type of estimate. I wrote back basically saying your nucki'n futs but thank you for the opportunity.:laugh: :clapping:
  5. lawn_pro

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    Yep, if anything commericial prices are usually less than residential prices....
  6. Daily Lawn/Landscape

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    Just remember when bidding gas stations, there is alot of trash to pick up before you mow. I have 9 loactions I mow all on the same day. The longest time we are on a property is about 35 min and we average $ 58.00 per location. Will have these accounts as long as I want. I have picked up a lot of work from customers stopping for gas and see the work we do.
  7. LLandscaping

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    We do mainly residential but have some commercial accounts. Make sure to figure trash pickup into the price. I would figure at least 20 minutes or more per week for trash pickup. Also blowing the parking lot can be time consuming especially if it is a gas station.
  8. lawncuttinfoo

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    The largest problem with them is that if you lose large ones you can be out a lot of business. I lost 2 large ones this year and now I'm out 2/3rds of my business. If I lost 2 resis I could not care less.

    Grass is grass, even when I bid them out I break the property down into residential sized areas and multiply to get the total, I used to take off a bit for less driving but now that I know the risk I incur for taking them I now bid them exactly the same. (Prorbably means my commerdial days are over though thanks to the $8 per hour workers at the huge companies who use crap equip and bid them low as can go)
  9. YGWBill

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    commercial are less money most residential don't have several bids on there lawns .On commercial you bid against several other company's
  10. Jpocket

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    Generally speaking I bid them the same, b/c of Competiton, don't think's a commercail account big$$$$ Not. Everybody and there dad who has a pickup and a mower wants those accounts, so unless they are referals i'd bid the same

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