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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grasscutt, Mar 25, 2002.

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    I currently provide landscape maintenance to 65 residential homes. I provide weekly service to 50 homes and then provide bi-weekly service to 15 homes. Of course bi-weekly pays a substantial amount more than a weekly customer so its worth it. Here is the problem as of December 15th each and everyone of my customers turns me off like a light switch. So here's my option find a way to get my customers to go with a twelve month contract and break all the services into twelve equal payments. I have tried this over and over and my customers just won't go for it. So I'm opting to pick up 5 or 6 smaller comercial properties to off set the slow winter months with residential but still bring in some money during winter. I would appreciate any helpful hints or suggestions that would help me generate a year round business. I operate in the state of Virginia so we don't have much plowing on the cost. My 65 residentials are all full service.

    Thanks Grasscutt
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    And their payments will turn off too when things slow down.

    My experience after trying several things is only bill March through Nov. I get a down payment equal to or greater than my spring clean up, bed edge, pre emergent , mulching then equal monthly invoices Mar - Nov, sent the first of the month.

    So at the end of Mar I've got a good thing going.

    I mail contracts in Feb. with initial (down pay) payment due with contract.
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    HBFOX, Ive thought of doing something similiar to your billing system. I currently bill "ala carta". How do you bill for those items that are above and beyond the scope of the contract?, just tack it on the same monthly bill that the work is performed? Do you find that some of your customers try to get you to do extra work and assume its included?

    How do you handle cleanups? Do you "bid" high in the contract to cover those cleanups that are tough to figure how long they will actually take?

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