Commercial Walk-Behinds?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Howie's Lawn Care, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Howie's Lawn Care

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    Who makes the best cutting walk-behinds? What are your opinions on Toro, Lesco, and John Deere. Also, I am currently using a 22" mower and was wondering how easy 36" and 48" walk-behinds are to operate. Are they easy to manuver? Thanks for for the help.
  2. txlawnking

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    I'd say all three of those are probly gonna cut about the same, if you're comparing apples to apples ( like belt drive fixed deck ). But something you mentioned would make this an easy decision for me: Ease of opperation. Hands down, IMO, a Toro with the T-Bar setup will easily be the least fatigueing WB made, and the only one I'd own, period.
    Don't get me wrong, the others you mentioned are OK machines, cut well, etc., but the pistol grip controls murder my wrists ( I have carpal tunnel, bad..) Especially the Deere..
  3. lawnprosteveo

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    I've had great luck with my toro 36 wb. has a sulky, 15hp kohler, bagger for leaves, gear driven.... Its been a real workhorse.
  4. topsites

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    For my first year I used a float-deck (used) and if this is your first large-deck mower, I would highly recommend buying a USED float-deck so you can learn how to operate them properly.

    In my second year, I ran into the fixed deck when I bought one used.
    Wow, it was love at first lawn -
    The 48" Toro proline 15-hp Kohler fixed deck gear-drive T-bar, model 30197

    Just listen to the words from Toro, Inc.:
    Fixed Deck Gear Drive
    The industry's most economical value in mid-size mowers. A simple yet rugged design that delivers excellent quality of cut. No better combination of cut, quality and price can be found in a wide-area walk-behind mower.

    My 3rd year I didn't have much money but in my 4th year, I bought one new.

    My own words:
    Most economical: 2800 dollars, brand-new.
    Simple: All in one piece, no extra sfs parts.
    Rugged: Built like a tank, you can flip them end over end. Lands solid even when curb-jumping at full speed.
    Excellent Quality: The Razor's edge of lawn-mowers. Float-decks are for people who haven't learned how to operate a lawn mower.
    FAST: 6.2 mph (you HAVE to have a velke or proslide)
    b-b-b-bad: Once you engage the blades at full throttle, nobody bothers you anymore - The sound of that machine says it all: The BS is over.

    Yup, Toro proline model 30197:
    No better combination of cut, quality and price can be found in a wide-area walk-behind mower.

    Buying another one next year, can't get enough of them.
  5. BCSteel

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    I just picked up a 36" viking w/ecs the other day. I've never used a w/b before only walkers and jd 21". After about an hour or so I was really getting the hang of it. It comes fast. I love how smooth that mower is. I was testing it out in a field behind my house. 3' of rough grass down to 2.5", one pass, no problem.
  6. Mr.Mow-It-All

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    just out of curiosity, why is the fixed deck better than a floating deck. It seems to me that the floating deck would give a better cut and not scalp as bad. I am just starting to look at wb never had one and trying to learn as much about them as possible.
  7. GLC51

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    I like the T bar control system . I think it's the easiest to use Iv'e got a 44" hydro and a 32" gear drive. The hydro is much more manouverable. Just push on the bar to go forward pull back to back up. Push forward on aone side and pull back on the other to so a turn. (Stay away from pistol grips I hate them I think they are some kind of torture device. You can find other posts about guys with carpel tunnel, etc. )Add a velkye and you can really move you would have to run to keep up with it at top speed without a velkye. You have to consider the size of propeties you plan of using it on. Do they have gates will you be able to get it into the back. Iv'e read posts from others that say they wouln't touch a prop. with a gate to the back yard. If that were they case I wouln't have much to cut because around here jsut about everyone has a gated yard. If you are choosing between a 36 and a 48 I'd suggest the 36" easier to get in tight spaces. Other options for control systems are the ECS on the Exmark or the prosteer? on the Gravely but the T bar on the Toro is the best I think. The Wright Stander is really mavouverable. I just got the new 32" Stander now that is really manouverable.
  8. MTR

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    You want macdaddy of WB? Cutting & Maneouverability?
    52" eXmark TTHP, 52" Stander and 54" Hustler SWB H bar, the rest is nothing. Stay away from pistol as much as you can if you want to operate like 8 hrs a day. Twin hydro is the best forever and ever if you want to cut for living, belt WB is for occasional exercise on small, small yards, but to make serious money, you have to go twin hydro cause you have some chance or better to catch up with, if not outrun a Z.
  9. mkwl

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    I have a 2003 48" Bob-Cat WB belt drive, mower w/15HP Kawasaki V-Twin engine, with a Jumbo Grass Gobbler and I love it!!! I also have a 2004 36" Toro Proline WB belt drive, mower w/13HP Kawasaki V-Twin engine, with a Jumbo Grass Gobbler and I love it too!!! They both have the pistol grip, which in my opinion is the easiest to use and least fatiugeing (spelling?) control setup out there. I demoed the Exmark with the ECS and the Toro Proline with the T-Bar, and I didn't really like the way they felt. Both my Bob-Cat and Toro Proline mowers give an awesome quality of cut and stripe, and both are built like tanks!! If you're buying new, get either a Bob-Cat or Toro Proline mower! If you're buying used, than take what you can get, they're all pretty good.
  10. Armando Conti

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    Try what I did, if you have time: on your usual driving routes note the best looking cuts, and note the equipment guys are using if you can catch when they are cut. I've seen beautiful cuts around here from Ferris, Exmark, Scag, so I focused on those brands. Not many Hustlers, Toro in this immediate area that I noted, so I could not judge. Go with what you've seen cut great, then try one if you can.

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