commercial weedeater/deck mount

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TALLEY-HOE, Jul 6, 2003.


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    I am looking for info on this product. any info would appreciated.
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    I'm not sure about a deck mount unit, but I have seen the one that you pull at <a href=""></a>
  3. I Saw an Exmark Lazer with an electric deck mounted string trimmer at the closest exmark dealer to me in Febuary , Could this help? But i think it was factory equipment i don`t know it you could buy an aftermarket thing like this......
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    I saw one at my dealer on a JD GS30. It was made my paco or peco, the people who make the collection systems
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    Hahahahaha! What a PITA that would be.Imagine how slow you would have to go to weed eat properly. :confused:

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