Commercial Yard Space! - Should I afford it?!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Arvydas, Apr 8, 2019.

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    I'm running out of space too & don't want to spend the money for rent. I thought about contacting a couple local owners of duplexes in town here & offering to cut their lawn for free, as needed, if they let me keep a trailer and truck on their property. I figure 20 cuts a year on a half acre or 1/3 acre.
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    So #1
    It’s a good deal that’s just over twelve cents a square foot
    #2 if there’s a security camera isn’t there electricity?
    #3 you can get a generator
    # 4 look into a coverall for your storage building they work quite well

    At your size, I’d say definitely do it and beef up your inland marine policy

    I just looked at something today that may cost ten times per month than what you’re talking ... everything is relative to size, were over ten times your revenue too...
    So I get what you’re saying about hard but to swallow

    But for you ... at your size, no question
    Do it
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    Good point MLC..
    You’ll find your little supply store won’t pay dividends and it’s a headache
    The pay off is capitalizing on the extra traffic that gets built up through your sales gauntlet
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    If your service area is large enough
    You can do the brickman thing
    Which is your enclosed trailer is your rolling shop.
    You work the deal with a commercial site that has lights and cameras and take care of the place for a steal
    Keep one on east side
    One west
    One south
    They’re locked up and secured to a bollard or something and the foreman takes the truck home.
    Can someone steal it?

    But you case lots and make deals with the companies that already pay for security cars to drive around and or have cops that regularly hang out to do their paper work or take naps on the government payroll.

    And beef up your inland marine policy!
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