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Commercials. You Find Them or They Find You?

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Ok, so i would like to have a discussion regarding commercial accounts.

I currently have two, one small apartment building, that only has flowerbeds, and one furniture store, decent amount of grass, lots of trimming.

Both have approached me, by word of mouth. The furniture store was acquired last year, after my mom was speaking to the owner (old friend) at a sporting event.

The apartment building was all me. Its a funny story, walked in for a hair cut, walked out with a customer. Lots of work, weeding, mulching, snow/ice management, etc.

I talk to a lot of guys around here who acquire their commercial accounts through word of mouth, and others say they call for bidding. I personally would like to get more commercials, especially as I advance into the snow/ice division, but I don't want to get stuck in the "cheapest bid game".

I think as my reputation grows, the commercial client list will grow, but I am just curious...

How do you folks acquire your commercial accounts?

Thanks a lot! I appreciate your time.

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I just last week went out to the companies and started asking question. My father has always taught me the worst answer to a question is "NO". I now have two hotels, possible resturant, 5 gas stations and 2 car lots. All of them right in a row as well for snow removal. The owner of the hotel had friends who owned the resturant who then had friends who owned the gas station. The car lot I bought my wife's van from and they like my offer for that one that I am quoteing thier other lot as well. Just ask questions is my philosopy the worst answer is "NO". Good luck!
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