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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kdmaint, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. kdmaint

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    Reacntly bid big city project lost bid to yard master spanish speaking guys in red truck they beet me by 12000 for 30 wks service I would of had to hire 2-3 guys to do it total on my bid 84000 first big job i ever bid lot of work involved with paper work exct to submit bid just got another lead on gov work bid possibly in the range of 400000 and i probly have no shot at it but should i still bid just for exp or a shot when it comes up in 2 yrs again
  2. lawnman_scott

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    Government jobs take the lowest bidder so that they can waste our money in other ways.
  3. muxx

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    How do you get leads on Government jobs or bids in your area??
  4. kdmaint

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    You can find them buy doing alot of phone work
  5. Lombardi

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    Most gov't/city bids are advertised in local papers as a "Bid Notice" or "Opportunity To Bid". You can also get online early in the year and check the cities' website to see what they are taking bids on.
    I was told by a procurement office for a large city that it is actually beneficial to bid on jobs every time the opportunity arises. It is also important to get the bid in ASAP as they will also look at the timeliness of your submission.
    I recently bid on a large city job. The bids ranged from around $70k up to $475k. It was interesting to see how different companies view the same properties in vastly different price ranges.
  6. Mdirrigation

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    Most government bids go tho the lowest "qualified " bidder. Not to the lowest bidder . This clause allows them to choose the best contractor for the price charged. They may also make the contractor post a performance bond .
  7. MOW ED

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    Its a loser so don't feel bad. Our city does the same thing in the lowest bidder. Its a lot of work and it isn't worth the time to estimate it for me. A lowballer actually got lowballed by someone else last year.
    It may also be that you are fighting the minority business bid also. Cities have incentives to give work to minority owned business. I have no problem with that because like I said I won't even try and compete there.
    I will not even think about municipal bids. Mayby some of you had better luck but I make more with commercial and residential.

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