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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bluegrass Lawn Service, Oct 29, 2000.

  1. Bluegrass Lawn Service

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    I'm thinking about 26", 28" kees mowers has anyone used them and are they worth the money. About $800 to $1000? Need your input please. Have several downtown lawns to small for rider but to big for 21" pusher
  2. landscaper3

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    Buy a Toro or a Exmark with a 32" or 36" deck so if you end up getting more or larger accounts you'll have a mower to cut your labor time down. Both Toro and Exmark have 0 down, 0 intrest and no payments to april 2001. You may spend more but in the long run it will be less.
  3. A 32" toro fixed deck with a pro slide is the right tool for that job.
  4. Skookum

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    I use a 33" Troybuilt for that type mowing. Price is $900 - $1,100. Can also buy online. If you get one, get the 4 speed not the 3! For the money it is not as heavy or cubersome as a normal commercial size walkbehind. Manuvers very easily in very tight spots.
  5. Richard Martin

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    Everything that I have heard about the Kees 26" mowers is that they are good machines and are built exactly for what you want it for. They are good for the guy who can't use a ZTR on 1 or 2 yards and doesn't want to spend thousands on a larger walk-behind. They will fit through any gate (I have seen 30" gates) and have a self-propelled option.
  6. darryl

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    Snapper has a 26 Hi wheel with available bagger. 6 Speed self propelled and a 6.5 Robin engine with pressure lube and filter for $1000.
  7. bob

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    I would look into a 32" or 36" commercial walk behind mower. You could pobably find a used one if you don't what to buy new.

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