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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheLawnShark, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. TheLawnShark

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    Hey guys. I am looking to buy a ztr mower. I am only 19 and am in college so I don't have 8,000 or plus to spend on a mower. I only mow about 15 yards a week with most of them being 1/2 an acre or so.

    Here is the thing: I don't see why one mowing as few yards as myself couldn't't buy a homeowners mower and be fine?? I was looking at the John Deer z-Track line and they look very well built.

    Yea, the deck may not be as heavy duty but how often does a deck break? And yes the transmission and pumps in the commercial are much larger than residential, but is it really worth that much more?

    Here is the thing and the way i look at it: If i pay $3,000 for a mower it will not be commercial but it will be a good mower. If i am going to pay five or six Thousand dollars more, something spectacular had better be catching my eye. I know you guys say over and over and over not to use homeowners b/c they are not "commercial" but I will not be mowing for 8 hours a day, every day like most of you.....

    What do you guys thinks about this???? Am I correct or completely wrong?
    I just find it very hard to find a HUGE DIFFERENCE (besides motor, transmission) .....

  2. GreenN'Clean

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    Get yourself a walk behind mower. If you can't afford a new one then look on ebay and pick up a used one and use it til you get enough money and build clients until you buy a ZTR. Start small and grow the business as you gain more clients
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    I run JD exclusively, and I saw one of the new z -track consumer ztrs in the showroom recently, and was amazed at how solid it was built - I believe it comes with up to a 54" deck. Go for it. It will never let you down. JD has the best service, and the best engineered equipment on the market.
  4. Flex-Deck

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    Oh, BTW. I forgot to add in my post just above - Don't get hooked on this attitude of commercial vs. residential.
    You give me a cheap residential mower with sharp blades and a level deck, and I will give you a good job.
    You give me an expensive commercial mower with dull blades and an unlevel deck and I will give you a ***** job.
  5. TheLawnShark

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    Thats what i was thinkin when i saw it in the showroom... it looked extremely well-built for a homeowner's mower...

    In regards to what GreenN'Clean said about gettin a used one or off ebay is that it would more than likely not be under warranty and i might have a problem finding somewhere to get it serviced ... where as with John Deer, the dealers are located everywhere from where i am from
  6. steve45

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    You have to start somewhere! You're a lot better off to start with what you can afford than you would be to borrow money to buy something that you'd have trouble paying off.

    Don't borrow money, and if you can find a good deal on used equipment, all the better.
  7. topsites

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    If you were going into the airline business, would you be looking at brand new Boeing 747's?
    Because a 1980 McDonnell Douglas DC-10 lists for $6,950,000

    I didn't buy my Z until late last year (my 5th), while some guys wait 8-10 years or longer, and had I to do it all over, I wouldn't even buy the Z.
    Stupid thing sits idle more often than not, because it's so overkill that the waste of fuel isn't worth it.

    What's wrong with buying a used thousand dollar machine, such as the one I've been using for the past 5 years?
    So long your yards don't go much past an acre in size, this bad boy tackles a LOT of grass at far less expense, in the same if not less time than a Z.
    Better mpg in the truck, a lot easier on the turf, considerably more agile and maneuverable as well.
    Oh, and you can still push it should it not move on its own.

    And, if used isn't up your alley, they sell these for 3-4g brand new (little more w/ the velke).
  8. S man

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  9. Willofalltrades

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    Just buy a used commercial mower. I have been using a John Deere walkbehind for 3 years now. I bought the machine for $1600 and it has paid for its self so many times over. you don't need the "z-trak".

    Oh I'm 18
  10. WJW Lawn

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    Buy commercial! No matter how you do commercial! You think you're saving on a residential unit now, but wait til it breaks and spends more time in the shop than on the turf!

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