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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Twotoros, Apr 1, 2002.

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    I have hired a hard working guy this season that is producing a few new accounts. I was wondering what would be a fair commision for bringing these to the table. The commision would be paid at the end of the season if the new accounts produce 28 mows or more. So far he has lined up 5 weekly mow jobs and an areation. The other company he works for may have more jobs kicked my way through him also. He has not asked for this but I feel something should be paid to him. Any thoughts.
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    We maintain our services all year round summer and snow removal services. Last year my forman was out going to business to business with info on us and brought in 12 commercial accounts so I gave him 1.5% of the contracts! This year they approached me to go on salary so they will make the same $$$ as winter as summer but longer hrs in summer,in doing so he is out agian getting in accounts to ensure his salary. We like it they like it! I do most of the big contract locating he does medium size to small. (WORD OF ADVISE!!!! you must trust the person that you are having due this for if you fire him he may be apt to take that company back at contract time next season!) I would go with a bonus instead of a % as we did. If I were to go back I think I would give him a weeks paid vacation during our slow time or a plain bonus. You must give your employees something weather its tight for you finacialy or not if you dont do things for them once in a while they might stray!
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    It should be easy for me to total the gross of the jobs my guy brings in so I probably will give a bonus at Christmas time. Maybe between 3-5%.

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