Commission percentage for sale?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by dontsayit_sprayit, Jun 18, 2012.

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    I work for a medium sized lawn care company. I just brought my company a $12,000 client for the year. This is more of a first referral than a sale per say, but I was wondering what should be the expected percentage for commission. I am about to setup a meeting with the owner to negotiate the rate, but I would like to go into it somewhat educated. Any ideas?
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    I used to sell chemicals. When the client paid, I got 12%. The question is how much profit is in the account to allow for a commision. In my example obviously the drum of chemical was priced in a manner to allow for 16% or so.... Yes the regional got commision.
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    The salesman gets the commission. He did the work. Unless he is paid a salary--then no.
    The company is going to say that their good reputation and advertising brought in the customer.
    Are you a salesman or technician?
    Surely the boss could give you a bonus--if only to encourage your further efforts and the efforts of others to bring in more business.
    He might wait until the new client pays their bill.
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    Going back and re-reading. If you work for the company already why do you not have a clear idea in the payment policy? The same goes for the sales structure. 12K might sound like a lot but not if they need 14K of service?

    The sales team in my company had to write proposals, generate product use estimates and then submit them for approval before a contract was signed. I could sell drums all day long but no no no on service contracts unless all the leg work was done.

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    500 a week and 10% of sales is the regular here in ga for sales of lawn programs excluding maint.
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    What did you end up negotiating?

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