Common bermuda in Idaho

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by That Guy Gary, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Was a bit shocked to find this guy about 2 months ago. In the area again and he's still around.

    KIMG0383.JPG KIMG0384.JPG KIMG0385.JPG

    It's right next to a railroad track so I'm guessing it hitched a ride as seed. I did adopt some of it to see if it survives the Winter. My cat loves it. :laugh:
  2. ETM

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    Sneaky fellow
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  3. ted putnam

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    Bring a bit of it in the house and grow it on the window sill. Put a good layer of partly decomposed mulch over the rest of it that is outside, then uncover it in the Spring. If that mulch creates enough heat over the winter for the stolons and rhizomes to survive, by the end of next season, you'll have a nice little patch of "invasive species":laugh:

    A buddy of mine went on an elk hunt in Colorado a couple of years ago and brought back a half dozen small Aspen trees. All of them have died except for the one he gave me. I've kept it in a pot, moved it to shadier areas when intense sun and our extreme heat hits. It gets some kind of exotic caterpillar that I've never seen on any other plant if I don't regularly hit it with Merit. I baby it and it still just barely hangs in there. I enjoy trying to keep it alive but I also know that if Aspens were meant to grow here, they already would be doing that
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    a creeping bent.PNG Are you sure it's not a creeping bent?
  5. OP
    That Guy Gary

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    Yeah, definitely not creeping bent.

    Hairy ligule, wider blades, grows very tall, doesn't have that lime green color, panicles have more than 4 branches.

    Here's a side by side shot of the two.

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