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Common name to scientific chart/book needed

Dreams To Designs

LawnSite Bronze Member
Start with Michael Dirr's "Manual of Woody Landscape Plants" add any of his other books as well as those by Alan Armitage and Rick Darke. Many nursery catalogs will have botanical to common name sections, but you need to learn and understand the botanical names, as there are the same worldwide. Common names vary by region, garden center or some that seem just made up.

The UCONN site is excellent as are many university sites available on the net and additional software resource would be Horticopia. Horticopia is an excellent plant encyclopedia, pronouncement tool, common and botanical reference as well as photos and data. It makes a great tool for client presentations as well. You can control the amount of information you share with the client from common names and a photo to extensive data and your own observations.



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Indianapolis, IN
Dirrs is very good. For conifers try D.M. Van Gelderen - 2 volume set. Vertrees for Jap Maples, Rick darke for ornamental grasses. All pretty good and have been a help to me. Check the Timber Press website for a listing, sorry no link.