Common Problems for Lawn and Landscape Owners

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    What do you face as a day to day problem in your business?

    How are you currently tackling invoicing, routing, and compliance?
  2. zackvbra

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    common problems:

    -Dog crap (especially when you accidentally sling a fresh pile with the weedeater)

    -slow payers

    -Neighbors of clients that cut their yard waay WAY too short, and make like 5 passes into the yard I cut.

    -PITA clients

    -people that want me to come give them an estimate, but turns out im too pricey for them

    -losing good clients to lowballer lco's that do it for a cheap price and also do a cheap looking job

    -people that stop me what im doing, and i have to shut off the mower, take out my earplugs, just to hear them say "your truck and trailer is parked in the road in the road, and it needs to be moved" and i tell them, "look im working, please let me get back to work, i always park on the road, i never block the road. I have been parking on the road for 4 years I know what im doing, I have cones and all. Do I bother you when your at work?" Then, without giving them time to say anything i start up the mower and ride away.

    -Other contractors that show up to the site and act like they are more important than me, and expect me to work around them, instead of them working around me, since I got there first.

    -Children in the neighboring yards that are playing while i am mowing, and I go and tell their parents to get them to come inside or play on the other side, and they do, then 10 minutes later, they are right back near where i am mowing.

    Just a few, I could name more, but these are the most common.
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  3. DavidsonLandscaping

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    Dog crap and slow payers I think we can all agree
    -my only day off is Sunday, all my customers are free to call my cell 24/7. Do not call me on Sunday I will not return the call until Monday. Still I have one customer calling for crap to be done etc for Friday, then gets mad when I don't call her back the same day
    -losing a job to low bidders, they do the job but won't finish or leave the tree cut up on the property, customer then expects a discount because half the work was done
    -trying to explain to customer why I charged for dumping materials, I have a commercial plate, I am not allowed in the free city dump for residents
    -stop changing your mind every week on what you want done to your yard, by the time its done its halfway thru the season and your crying about the bill
    -I cannot chop down your neighbors tree because you don't want it there
    -canceling any contract or changing it with out letting me know, then become upset that my lawyers on the phone with you

    Just a few pita from this season
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    Mother Nature

    and dog crap.... can't forget that one!!
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    I can already tell this is going to e a good thread lol.

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  7. 94gt331

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    biggest problem is this time of the year when work runs out, and there's no snow either. You can only save so much money for winter.

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    I've done it...long it all over the left side of my shirt and even got some in my mouth. I'm actually glad it I can say that something tastes like dog crap with authority!
  10. ponyboy

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    Dot stops
    Employees works starts 7:30 not 7:34
    Mechanic bills
    The fact that we get no respect
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