Common Problems for Lawn and Landscape Owners

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tpatt09, Dec 11, 2012.

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    One of my problems is that the other lawn care companies in my area all bag their grass when it's unnecessary. It causes all the home owners to feel it's a must, and think mulching and side discharging is awful. I can understand when the grass is super tall, but it isn't necessary a majority of the time. I don't want to have to charge people for the effort and time of bagging, dumping, and getting rid of the grass. This whole issue is quite bothersome.
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    What kind of office/paper work do you perform after a day's work- or or that you have hired someone to complete?
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    The weather is my most common problem. Oh, I need to mow 17 yards in one day? Mother nature dumps 2" of rain the night before :laugh:
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    People calling and either, asking what the minimum price is for mowing and usually they hang up as soon as I get a number out. Or, someone calling on a Sunday and wanting a price for mowing that day of their sh!tty lawn because they're having a party or w.e. I just hate people/calls for one time cuts!!
    I hate to single out a group of individuals, but people from India, in my experience they nit pick and are extremely cheap with everything & they want a price breakdown with materials & labor separated. Sorry, that's not how it works!
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    I agree with this. I have a now former fat b@stard client (normally deal with his wife, whom is not much of a catch either) and hes been complaining multiple times a month about the snow bill and the minor turf damage and even claimed "he isnt paying the bill because there hasnt been enough snow", 4 pushes in one month, 3 on a 13" storm (contract states there may be more than 1 visit) and 1 on 2". Whenever he calls me he tries to boss me around because I'm young (21) and it nvr works because I'm not afraid to drop the gloves so to speak :D, but with what CPL stated, you have to be able to present & defend your company as any other business would and have a good lawyer. Speaking of which, that guy called me earlier tonight, he'll have a nice wake up call at 8 tmrw morning when I'm on my way to school.
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    Couldn't agree more with the bolded statement.
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    Next time, tell them to get a breakdown from their barber when they get their next haircut. People don't think twice about paying $15 for a 15 minute haircut, but balk at $35 to cut their grass. How much would their barber charge to come to their house for the same haircut?
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    That is a good point. Usually with the ones that want separate prices its on installs though. But its the same principle.
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    Tri city I'm with you! same here!
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    Finding people who "will work for food" or hiring Illegal Immigrants .... they are hard to find and both are probably better than the employee's who demand $12.00 an hour and are not worth 2 cents! You know, the guy always on his cell phone, calling off sick, or got a emergency every time you rely on him!

    When you are at the point where you need to hire employee's .... you business is already on the downward spiral!

    Joking of course, but employee's have been my biggest problem since the day I hired one!

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