Communicating the job details to your crew?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Steiner, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Everyone needs to communicate with their crews when they are not on the job. Your customers are specific and doing extra work only eats into profits. Lets start a topic of how you communicate to your guys to get the correct work done at a customers house if your not there.

    What method do you use?
    1. I am on every job and get my crews started on each job
    2. I hand the crew leader a detailed work order and they take care of it.
    3. I hand the crew leader a simple work order and they call me 100 times a day with questions.
    4. I use a tablet/smartphone to send video/pics/digital work orders and it works great!

    I currently have an estimate sheet that is a simple checklist of items and a place for me to make notes on what needs to be done. I would love to hand this to my crew, but it is rough at best.

    My questions are as follows:

    1. How do you guys do process your work orders and what do they look like?
    2. How do you clearly communicate to your workers what exactly to do?
    3. Have you ever tried recording a video of the work to be done and sending it to your crew leader?
    4. Do you ever draw on your work order so your crew knows what exactly to do?

    I am interested to see how different guys and levels of companies do this.
    I will upload my estimate/work order sheet if I can get 5 replies to this thread.

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    Also maybe a number 5 would be having the crew leader go to the property with you once at first. I use software but still some things come up....i can edit and write notes on the route sheets and they can write notes back to me for when I invoice all the jobs. All software! Soon well go to mobile software and pictures can be linked to each job. Not too bad for us yet but in a few more years it would get out of control if we didn't have a plan. Great topic and awesome points!
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    I am looking for a better way to do this. Currently for basic things we just do a written description, using reference points to make things clearer. If the job seems like just words won't communicate the job well then I will usually sketch it out quick. If I am still concerned that things are a little iffy then I will tell them to send me a picture once they get started and I can give the OK or make small adjustments.

    Note this is just for our maintenance crews. Construction guys get a whole packet of info before a job including renderings, diagrams, blueprints construction details and measurements. Depending on job specifics.
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    smart phones have certainly made communicating with crews on site a lot easier bbut I still feel there is a more efficient way, just not sure what that is just yet

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