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Communication is the key to success in this world

Communication is the key to success in this world.

Someone asked about providing some help with some laying down propaganda on digital media.

Anyone with the latest version of M$ internet explorer can make a simple website with
text and photos and distribute on the antiquated floppy disk (which EVERY puter has one of),
Your product will be able to be read in all win 9x and later OS.

In internet explorer click file then edit with m$ front page.

Now hit the white page on the toolbar to get a blank sheet of paper.

Start typing. The yellow picture icon in the middle of the toolbar is the tool you
use to import a pic.

Now to save click file then save as file then as file again then just drop and drag into your “a” drive.

You can put a lot of stuff on 1.44 megs if you keep the size and resolution of the pics down.

Now go to staples and get a couple hundred of mailing folders and labels for the front of the

Now send them to the 100 largest businesses in your area.

The way I make my presentations is with NetObjects fusion



Kai’s Power show

Burned to cd-r.

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