Communication with clients, How important is it?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Bay de Noc Lawn Car, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Bay de Noc Lawn Car

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    How has improving your communication with customers helped your business? How big of an impact can it make?
  2. pl1985

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    Wouldn't say it's that important. More important is that you make yourself available for communication, always answer your phone the first time and respond to emails right away. When people want to talk to you they'll call you. If they can't get a hold of you when they want to talk to you, it's very frustrating for them. However, in this industry it seems like just by answering the phone when people call you (not hiding from people and waiting for a voicemail), you're way ahead of the pack. I have great customers who I talk to once a year, if that. But when they do call, I answer.
  3. AI Inc

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    Its very important. It will usualy resolve any issues before they become big ones.
  4. pl1985

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    Yeah I'll retract the it's not that important. If you're not providing great service, it's important. If you mess up somehow, break something, do a mediocre job, it's better to contact the customer, apologize, and offer a solution before receiving a complaint from the customer or getting dropped outright.
  5. poolboy

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    It'll also help you if any of your employees take off on their own and try to take your customers.
  6. AI Inc

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    It also presents plenty of opertunity to upsell them other services.
  7. Mimowerman

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    I find communication to be of the upmost importance... however listening is 1/2 of communicating!!!
  8. LB1234

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    Good communication is key with both existing and potential customers. You'd be surprised how impressive picking up the phone and speaking to a real person is. Or if you are unable to pickup immediately to call back within a relatively short time frame. I think it goes a long way.

    Communication with your current customers can lead to more job opportunities or referrals. We use phone, fax, and email for our communications.
  9. mgugliotti

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    Communication is Paramount! Any successful business is constantly in front of the customer- it prevents problems before they start, it adds value to your service, and it is always harder to fire your friends than a stranger so stay in front of them, talk to them when you are out there, send them news letters, ASK how things are going, I never lost a customer because of service, price, or competition. stay in front of your customers and you will be sucessful.
    Matt G
  10. 8307c4

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    It is important, but at what point does it become butt kissing?
    Less is better in my case, as a solo I don't have the time because it takes time, I find it as well take 5 minutes each job do something extra.

    Either way it's a freebie, unless as was said, you need to let them know perhaps about a delay or something didn't go as planned.
    Because it can and does get old real fast, get into them folks who get off on all that, soon every stupid job turns into all this blablabla about the stages and every little detail and all of a sudden there's more communication than at La Guardia during vacation season.

    Usually I come in, do the job, leave a bill, check in the mail.
    Usually 2 calls involving the estimate, one to find out about it, two for the price.
    As far as finding out the work itself I also find it generally more profitable to let them call me, upsells take a fair amount of practice to do it right but if there's something that can be gained from it then do it in the initial conversation.

    Obviously if they call I DO have to call them back, at least within 24 hours.
    And sooner is better.

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