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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by nolatoolguy, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. nolatoolguy

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    Ive been renting a compact walk behind skid steer a lot the past year. I keep considering purchasing one as my next large purchase. I have used a toro dingo tx 525 many times times along with a toro dingo 323 several times. I also used a ditch witch zahn and a Vermeer S800 tx. Ive liked em all. I haven’t used a bobcat or boxer compact skid steer thoe.

    I don’t know to much on the technical aspects thoe. Ive just don’t a lot of work with the trencher, stump grinder and bucket work and some gravel work and work with a harley rake. They seem to be very practical machines with a big price tag thoe. I would probably buy one lightly used. I would most likely be expanding my services by stump grinding and trenching along with light dirt work.

    I don’t do enough big jobs to justify buying a large skid steer but I do enough to justify the compact skid steer cause it would suite my jobs better.
  2. Hollowellreid

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    Asv/terex pt30
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  3. jbrockmann

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    asv pt/rc30 x2
  4. Impact-Vector

    Impact-Vector LawnSite Member
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    After having someone injured when my dingo tipped over due to too much weight, I don't think I would buy another with a platform.

    +1 for rc 30
  5. Stony Bob

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    I do like my 30.
    If you use it for what is was designed for it's great.
  6. White Gardens

    White Gardens LawnSite Fanatic
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    I'd personally would go for either a Vermeer or Ditch Witch.

    Granted, it's all about applications, but there is no way I would want a sit on machine for the work I generally do. The ability to be able to get on and off the machine to help load the bucket, or just an extra set of hands is priceless to me.

    So, I can get off the machine, help the employees/helpers, and get back on. So not only am I eliminating labor on jobs with what the machine can handle, but I'm also not loosing labor by having someone sit in the cab with their thumb up their butt while the workers are doing hand work around the machine. :)

    As for safety, tipping any machine is operator error. Either a cab or platform, there will always be the risk of getting hurt involved.

  7. muddywater

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    I like dingo or stand behind machines. I had an asv 30 but traded it for a 525. The stand ons are more agile than a 30. Much easier to trench w a stand on and easy to hop n and off. I had problems with hydraulics on the 30. But if you like to sit on your a$$ a 30 is the way to go.
  8. Digdeep

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    PT30..lifts higher, faster ground speed, more ground clearance, more stable on a slope, more ROC than most stand-ons, better traction due to more track surface, lower ground pressure, better flotation, turf track option, and it has a cab with a heater... work in the rain, snow and colder weather to extend season.
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  9. AWJ Services

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    Most of the people recomending a small skid just do not understand why someone needs a Stand behind machine. The skid would be at a serious disadvantage productivity wise on anything but grading. To me it is a must have tool for a landscaper. I use a SK350 a bunch. It is a real powerhouse and is great for everything but lifting. I do not like Boxers/Toro style controls. I prefer the Ditchwitch style. Demo a sk650. That is a nice machine.
  10. White Gardens

    White Gardens LawnSite Fanatic
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    Agreed. Except I like the pilot controls of the Vermeer. :)

    I really feel my mini is more productive (again for what I do) than any other cab-style skid steer big or small.

    That and having the backhoe attachment for mine is almost priceless.


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