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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by nolatoolguy, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. muddywater

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    I agree with you. I have pretty much the exact same setup you do. TL140 and 3 wide track dingos.

    If need to do some grading or pick up pallets I use the big machine. For trenching small even large irrigation systems I use the dingo. Its also nice for harley raking 3-4 pallet job because you can see exactly what you are doing. Boring under drives, you can just walk around and without shutting off hydraulics. Augering holes, you can walk around and look for pipe/wire damages. I think an asv would wear your knees out getting up and out so much.

    ASVs are neat machines, when I had one, the squirrel cages wore out, the hydraulic motors leaked, had to replace bearings in the bogies, the mufftler is like $500, perkins motors aren't as good as kubotas imo etc

    I think all mini's are pretty close to equally productive. Just get the one you can get the best deal on that is tracked.
  2. AWJ Services

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    The sk650 has pilot controls. The sk350 does not. The best thing about the sk350 is I can lift it with my excavator and set where it needs to be. I like the Vermeers as well.
  3. nolatoolguy

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    Tipping over is a risk you take when inproperly operating a machine. If you use it wrong chances are something will go wrong. Know your machine and its capibilities and nothing should go wrong.

    I have used the dingos both stand on and walk behind. I like the stand on cause you have a better view of whats going on.

    I checked out the Ditch witch dealer today on a rental for one because I need to rent some sort of mini soon if I get the job. I was very impressed with the sk650, love the controls and the platform. I will deffinitly be talking more to the dealer in both renting and eventually purchasing one. I briefly demoed the SK650 as well. For 20k I know its a big investment but if I play my cards right it will be a big return.

    The vermeer dealer treated me like crap as the asked how old I was I said 18(turn 18 about a week) I did step on one but wasnt very impressed. There out of the picture right now.
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  5. nolatoolguy

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    I know ime young but my cash an credit card are just as green as some 45 year olds. Dont underestimate someone soley on there age. We all started somewere in this industry. We didnt just wake up with a fleet of equitment.
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    But for safety reasons the ground speed on a stand/walk behind is lower. ( obviously). I think for applications with slow speeds or limited distances those machines are tops! I will say that!

    I used a dingo to move fill dirt 800 yards away. It was torture!
  7. muddywater

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    A bigger machine would not have worked? 800 yards is over 50 tandem loads of dirt!
  8. Impact-Vector

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    I ment 800 yards between picking it up and dropping it off.

    Bigger machine did work but I only had one machine at the time (2cu yard bucket)
  9. shooterm

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    Still trying to get our site work company to purchase atleast one. We have 50 ton excavators to 3 ton mini's. The only issue we'd have is idiots trying take it out and do to much with it. It definitely has a role if you ever found yourself regrading interior rooms on a larger site jobs.
  10. Vunya

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    I have been using an sk350 this past summer and couldn't imagine working without it. I did alot of research on specs of the different brands and the Ditch Witch seemed like the best bang for the buck, but I haven't used any others so my knowledge is limited there. Hopping on and off the machine with ease is incredibly valuable, however it does move slow compared to the small full cab machines, which is making me seriously consider upgrading to a PT30.

    What I've found works extremely good with the sk350 is just using it to load wheelbarrows. The machine moves about the same speed as a wheelbarrower, but I can have 3-5 cheap labourers running wheelbarrows that get insta-filled, equalling the speed of 3-5 sk350's hauling loads to their destination (one sk350 bucketfull = one full wheelbarrow). They can also access anything regardless of fence's and tight areas, and work in very wet muddy conditions by laying down a path of plywood planks. Made some pretty good coin this summer with this technique.

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