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Hi All -

I am mainly looking for a mower for my residential culdesac lot which is probably a half acre. I have also considered looking at doing some lawns part-time close to home as I have a full time remote job.

I am confined to something 36”- 44” due to gate size. My lot is a walk out lot that has a very steady gradual slope, very wide but shallow with a fair amount of curves from flower beds.

I am stuck on what mower would be fit my needs.. Stander or Compact Zero Turn. I am not looking for something from a big box store but rather a quality machine in the prosumer or commercial grade.

Curious thoughts from the residential guys on if they feel a Stander or ZTR is better for the homeowner or very part time guys.

As for standers I have been looking at 36” Wright B Stander, 36” Ferris SRS-F1, 36” Bad Boy Revolt or 36” Scag Vride2. On the zero turn I have been look at 36” Ferris F60Z, 44”Gravely ZT-HD, 42” Bad Boy Outlaw Compact. Cut quality is VERY important to me. I plan to mulch 99% of my time.

Let me know your all’s thoughts and any other models I should look at. I have dealer support for all of these.


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Stander or ZTR is personal preference. To me, standing is easier on the body and the vantage point is better. Some prefer to sit and have a beverage while mowing. If it's just for you and your property, I would prefer a stander. I'm partial to Wright Standers, especially the Stander B due to price point for what you get.


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I currently have a 636 John Deere, and owned a bad boy revolt 48! Both great mowers, only reason sold the revolt was I got a good deal on a 652 John Deere. They (bb) also make a 36. Any of the major brands should have something in that range. Those two are what I have experience with.

I believe Bradley and Worldlawn are worth a look. Simple, no frills machines but seem to have a good feedback from guys on here.

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