Compact tractor that will move sod pallets?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by mx315, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. mx315

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    I've been looking in to buying a tractor, instead of renting, but definitely want something big enough to move a pallet of sod or mulch around on the jobsite. I was told that the Kubota MX4700 with a LA844 would do it, but I'm a little doubtful. I don't need to unload from the semi trailer, just move it around after it's put on the ground. Our sod pallets weigh between 1800 and 2400 pounds. A friend of mine had a L4400 model and said he kept blowing out wheel bearing from picking up sod, so he changed over to a skid steer.
    Does anyone use a tractor to move sod? If so, have you had any issues from the tractor moving that much weight?
  2. KrayzKajun

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    You are better off with a skidsteer. Inorder to get tht much lifting capacity you are going to have to step up to a very large tractor.
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  3. mx315

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    I know skid steer is better for lifting, but I have a few accounts that require some bush hogging a couple of times per year. I have justified buying a tractor to do those instead of hiring it out. The jobs will cover the cost of a tractor note for the year, but I can't see spending $40K for the skid steer. If I would have hit the Powerball for $250 million last night maybe.
  4. Ridin' Green

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    The biggest reason people have trouble with front wheel bearings/seals etc is because they don't use near enough rear ballast, if any at all. You need to use the amount suggested in your op's manual for any given amount, not just what some guy tells you they "think" should be enough. Loaded rears won't be enough alone, nor will wheel weights alone, and usually rear wheel weights and loaded rears aren't even enough. You need to carry the max that the manual says to for safe FEL work with any given amount. Sometimes that is the max that the three point is rated for.
  5. KrayzKajun

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    For $40k I could a tractor w/ loader & bushhog and either a skidsteer or CTL. I'm guessing yur looking at buying new?
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  6. mx315

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    I was looking for new, because of warranty and a good shop for service.
    I priced out the MX4700 hydro with quick FEL bucket, bush hog, box blade and forks for $26,800
    The Bobcat skid steer with only the bucket was $42K.
  7. newtostone

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    You can get a nice used bobcat heat/ac with 100-300 hours with warranty for 33-35k. Brush hog on the front and that will do it all.
  8. PROCUT1

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    You can get away with a smaller tractor and use rear forks if you dont need to unload from a trailer
  9. JB1

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    so your in panama city then, nice area, was just there this past weekend.
  10. mx315

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    I will have to look into some used of both types. It will take some time to go through all the models and find the right fit. I've been renting some Takeuchi's with the joystick controls and they were pretty nice and a Bobcat with the foot controls that I hated.
    JB, you guys had some really nice weather... it's been a crazy winter so far

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