Compact tractor that will move sod pallets?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by mx315, Feb 9, 2012.

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    yes it was great was there between christmas and new years also and had great weather, no winter this year.
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    A skidloader is definately more suited for heavy lifting, but I wouldn't rule a compact tractor out if you have bushhogging to do.

    We own a kubota L3240. We are able to move most pallets of sod (some of the heavier ones need a few pieces taken off first), ours may be lighter than others. I would think a bigger L series or MX would be much better off. Again, not ideal for heavy lifting, but it may get the job done.

    As someone else mentioned, rear forks are another option. If your pallets are delivered to the ground, you can move them with forks on the 3 pt, especially with a hydraulic toplink.


  3. mx315

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    Thanks for the info, I would rather have a tractor for bush hogging and the price is better. I looked at some skid steers over the weekend and a used one with low hours is more than a new MX4700 with 5 implements. I found out that my friend using the L4400 never had weights or ballast on the back, so I'm sure that was a big reason for the wheel bearings to keep going out. I may have to load a couple of pallets a year into my dump trailer or onto my flatbed, so moving it around with the rear forks is a good option too.
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    Many models in the kubota L series will suit your needs, there is no need to buy an M series.
  5. mx315

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    I've looked at several models in the L Grand series and for the money I think the L3240 with the 724 loader maybe the best option. The lift capacity on the Grand series is better than the bigger budget models. I can get the rear hydraulic toplink forks and move the pallets. It's still small enough to get between houses and big enough for most things I need it to do.
  6. lawn king

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    Take a close look at the 3540 and the 3940 as well. I was in a similar situation and discovered the 35 worked better for me than the 32. The grand L's are nice, you will never regret the purchase!
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    If you're looking at the MX4700, you might as well look at the MX5100. For a slight price increase you get more HP and telescopic 3pt. hitch arms...which are the cats meow and could not be added for the price the 5100 commands over the 4700.


  8. SixFourStroker

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    For lifting that much of a load a skid steer would be best, but if you are still considering the tractor route check out something along the line of the M5040. They are a little heavier built and might take the load better. We have a 7040 and it's been great. I know its not apples to apples but just a thought.
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    64Stroker, how do you like that M7040? I sold my L3830 2 yrs ago and have been trying out skids, tractors, leaning towards L57 or M6040,70, does the M ever seem to big on jobsites? (if your using it for landscape jobs) I'm getting into driveway grading, woodlot thinning, boulder walls, I just don't want to get the L and have it not be enough but don't want to get the M and it be too much! What about towing? I have a F350srw diesel now, would need bigger truck for M? Thanks for any info -
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    I really like it. We mainly use it to run our big round baler as I do custom hay baling in the summer. I use it in the winter to clear driveways and it does good but if anything it is a little big. Ours has a cab though so that makes it pretty good sized. I really think if you got a 6040 or even a 5040 with the industrial lo profile tires you would be happy with it. If you plan to do heavy loader work I would definitely lean towards an M. I have run several L series and the M's seem to have stronger hydraulics. I have cleared a few wood lots with it and it will take down a pretty decent sized tree. At times you wish you had an extra gear in the transmission, but for me that's not a deal breaker. The shuttle works really slick too. As far as towing. I pulled ours with my 03 F-350 srw and you didn't know it was back there. Ours has fluid in the tires and 2 sets of wheel weights as well. If you have any more questions feel free to hit me up.

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