Compact tractor that will move sod pallets?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by mx315, Feb 9, 2012.

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    If your leaning towards heavy landscaping-hardscaping,etc, get the larger machine. Keep in mind compaction (weight) is an issue on lawn installs and working on established turf. I went with the 3540 because the weight to power ratio worked for me.
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    I ended up getting a L5240HST a couple of days ago. I ran across a deal I couldn't pass up. I haven't put it to work yet, but I think it's going to workout good.
    Thanks for the input guys.
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    Wet sod ? like it usually comes :p Most will struggle at best.

    Our JD 4720 tractor has a huge rear cement counterweight in the ballast box, its the cab model, so its heavier than the open station machine, 2 of 3 sets of rear wheel iron weights and the 400cx leveling loader, "JDs highest capacity unit" .... I have to sit about 5-6 bags of salt on the back ballast box and move around "gently" just to unload pallets of salt from a truck.

    It will lift it enough to get them off the trailer, but it will NOT lift a 2600lb skid of salt that high to load trailers. Its lift capacity at the pin is like 2800lbs, the front JD worksite pro forks attachment alone is 415lbs plus the 60lbs for the front skid steer adapter plates/handles over top of just the pin method for the standard buckets.

    A skid of sod from our local company is going to be probably the same weight.

    Thats the biggest of the JD tractors thats considered compact at all.

    Our 319D JD track loader will move any skid of anything around with ease, but again has rear weights, & cab model

    At say 2000lbs for a skid, our machine would work fine for what your doing, and not be unstable turning etc... but ill tell you there WILL be a ton of weight on the smaller front R4 tires if driving over loose soil and if its muddy or wet, you'll have some nice ruts. A Deere open cab track 320? i think thats the model, machine should work better for this, won't rut up the area either.

    We've used all the machines for sod and i won't bother with anything besides our little track machine if its anything other than hard dry soil.

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