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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by climber, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. climber

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    A few months back a guy on here posted a thread and it had a pic of a John Deere compact tractor. It had a front loader and a backhoe on it (in the 20-30hp range I think.) I looked for it and couldnt locate it. I would appriciate it if any could give me a link to the page or if the guy could post the same pic.

  2. pgoulding

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  3. jazak

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    I haven't seen ONMYOWN around does anyone know if he still is on?
  4. Adam3669

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    "last activity" was May 29th...
  5. FearThisDeere

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    If you need some pics let me know and I'll post some of my 4310 if you are not looking for something specific in those other pics.
  6. climber

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    Hey FTD if you would post some pics that would be nice of you. But the pic Im looking for I think was an older model like 425 like early 90s but could of been newer. Maybe the guy was looking to sell it and move up to a bigger model. But Ill keep searching around on here until I find it or give up but thanks guys.

  7. DSLND

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    I remember "South Florida Lawns" bought a johnny deere compact tractor but i know James of JamesGatesLandscaping i think has a johnny deere 425 or 430 maybe look through some of his older threads. Hope this helps! -Mitch-:waving:
  8. climber

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    Thanks Mitch Ill check that out. But I have a Pic here. I borrowed this from a JD site. The tractor looked similar to this but in better shape. Hopefully this may spark somebodys memory bank and really help me out.

    Thanks Yall

  9. ALarsh

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  10. climber

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    Alarsh Thanks
    But thats not it. This was like the pic I showed above maybe some of you guy can help me. I just wanted to talk to the guy and see how he managed to put the backhoe on the back because you cant get one for the old deeres. I guess that guy made his own or put an adaptor on the hydraulics or even ran it of the back pto. But if any of you guys would know how to run hydraulics off the pto of something of the sort it would be nice if you could share some info with me.


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