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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DSLND, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. DSLND

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    So I am thinking about getting a compact tractor.

    I don't want to spend the money this late in the year, but I have saved and have a large security blanket of money set aside for the winter to cover any expenses.

    We are getting bigger and bigger into the landscape side of things. I actually have been running the landscaping side of things while my helper does all the mowing during the day, while I'm in school. Things have been working great. I am getting into the bigger jobs, and already have some in the works for next spring.

    We really need something. I can't get financing yet due to a number of reasons (age is the big one. I'll be 18 in February). So I am going to paying cash.

    I found a tractor I really like.

    John Deere 755. Diesel, 1770 Hours, #70 Loader, 60" Deck. Fully Hydro, 3pt. Hitch, Bar Tires. $6600

    I have my JD 345 that I would be selling or trading.

    We could use this tractor for landscaping jobs, pushing some snow this winter, and mowing some larger accounts (1-5 acre lots). This thing would pay for itself pretty quick.

    I just don't know about it being this late in the season...

    I know this thing would make some good money. I had the same concerns when I bought my dump truck in July... lets just say that dump truck made me a LOT of friends:weightlifter::cool2::waving::drinkup::clapping::);) Its paying for itself very nicely! Honestly, besides my WRIGHT Stander, its the best investment I've ever made. We got all the plow stuff working for it, so it will soon be making me even more money!

    What do you guys think? Go get this thing, or wait til i build some credit and go get a skid or newer tractor?


  2. 1993lx172

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    I'd go for it, you see these tractors beat to hell and back and still run like new. I'd get a set of turf tires for it as well if you are going to be mostly mowing, then when you have dirt work or snow removal to do you can just switch over to your bar treads
  3. crookedbrook

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    I had a FWD JD 755 with loader, 60" mid mower and 60" brush hog for 16 years. It was a great tractor and a real workhorse. Finally traded it in for my current 4310 just because I wanted something a little bigger. The value when I traded it in was only $4K less then when I bought it 16 years earlier. JD equipment tends to hold its value. If the price is right and it is something you want I would jump on it. As you found out with your dump truck, you will figure out a way to make money with it and then wonder why you didn't get it sooner.
  4. Dunlaps LawnCare

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    go for it mitch
  5. dwost

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    We just bought a new house and as part of the deal I ended up with a 1994 1070 with an 80 series loader on it. The thing is a total tank and has already proven it's merit moving mulch. That sounds like a great deal and should serve you well. I think you will find it will come in quite handy for a multitude of jobs.
  6. hackitdown

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    I bought a 30hp Kubota with a loader and bushhog a couple of years ago just because it was a great deal. I wasn't sure if I would have work for it. But it has turned out to be a great investment.

    I do some bushhogging, pull shrubs, move loam, stone, rocks, trees. I use it as a lift to get under my mowers to change belts. I bought a landscape rake for it, it is fantastic for spreading dirt or stone. It is not great for pushing snow, I have no plow. I have no belly mower, but I don't think I would ever want to mow with it, it would be pretty slow. This year alone I did enough work with it to pay for your $6600 deal.

    That tractor for $6600 is a good deal. Buy it, it will work out.
  7. ltlandscaping

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    I have a 1995 JD 755 diesel with almost every attachment you can think of. Don't buy it and use it for mowing be use it is SLOW! A 48" belt drive machine can mow more acres per hour then the JD! The turf tires plus the front loader are great for moving mulch across peoples lawns. I was able to install 60 yards of mulch in one day because of this tractor with only two laborers helping. My tractor has 670 hours on it and I feel it is still worth $10,000 with all the attachments. Good luck with the purchase :)
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  8. DSLND

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    Switching gears and possibly going for a skid steer.

    Found a 1980 New Holland. Brand New Engine, Hydraulics, Paint. This thing looks like new! Big bucket, pretty clean looking.

    $6000 is what he wants. Its about three hours away, so I may head up this wknd and look at it.

    I was planning on trading the Deere 345 and having a 755 for mowing but then I realized that there will be days where I need the tractor for mowing and landscaping, so having both will be the best choice.

    Thanks for all the replies.


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