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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MFNA, Feb 28, 2011.

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    I have a wierd situation with a potential customer. They recently purchased a rural home with a few acres to maintain (believe somewhere around 2-4) They DO NOT want to take care of their yard and have contacted me They asked me if i have a tractor which I do not, but I have offered that if they purchased one (which they are willing to do) i would service their property for an agreed upon hourly rate. Which brand of compact tractor is suitable for this type need i know nothing about tractors. I would guess the big brands would be John Deere, Kubota, perhaps New Holland. Anys suggestions on what to look for, engines, reliability, price, etc./.....
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    Why wouldn't you just buy one and pad their bill to cover the costs. Then YOU can still use it for other things.

    I honestly wouldn't work something out like this. What happens when it breaks. Who does maintenance on it. What happens if you shoot a rock with their mower through a passer-by's window. You'll have issues getting your insurance to cover it, since it wasn't your equipment and they'll have the same issues since it was a business doing the work. It just doesn't sound like a good idea. If I were them I would find someone who has a tractor. Then you have the issue of what is the billable time if you're using their tractor vs using your hedge trimmer/string trimmer. I really think that will be too complicated and if I were you I would either bid the job high enough to cover the payments on a tractor. Or just don't take the job.

    Furthermore what will the tractor be used for? Mowing?
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    Why does it take a tractor to cut the property? Can you not cut it with your ZTR? Sounds like it might be a mixture of mowing and brush-hogging.
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    Find a used one cheaper and make sure this account covers the payment. Then u could use it for other things in your business. I know I could have used on numerous occasions just haven't had the right incentive to get one.
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    I havent had any issues with my little kubota. Is the grass going to be really long? if not just cut it with a z. compact tractors cut really slow and arent easy on the turf without turf tires

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