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    I'm in the market for a small compact tractor....and advice..I was looking at kubotas , they seem reasonable at used prices
  2. SCL

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    Dependent on how big you need to go, there are several. The best advice I can give is stay away from the cheapies like Northern Hydraulics or the cheap Chinese imports. I'm not going to get into quality issues, but you may want to sell this thing some day. Kubotas are tough as nails, John Deeres are nice but pricy, and Cub Cadet is reasonably priced and fair to operate. I like that green paint.
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    I swear by my yanmar 147D. It's a small 4x4 diesel tractor with turf tires and a 3 point hitch. These tractors are very durable and relatively inexpensive as compared to John Deere. As a matter of fact, Yanmar makes John Deere's compact tractors and diesel engines. I've got a 4' box blade, pull behind aerator, drag scoop, and a PTO hopper/spreader and my yanmar handles everything I can throw at it. Search on yahoo for "yanmar tractor" and you'll gets lots of hits. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. Good luck Damon
  4. SCL

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    I believe D-Man is correct. Yanmar makes JD's model 790 and maybe their 990 though I've never seen the latter. Drove a 790 30 hp 4x4 and liked it. A little light for the HP but you can pick one up for around $11K. Depends on who your local dealers are too. I think there are more JD dealers around.
  5. southside

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    Shibaura/New Holland make an excellent compact tractor.
    Very strong and torquey motors.
  6. John DiMartino

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    I like NH,and Kubota's the best,but JD's are excellent too.I see a lot of Massey Fergeson's in the last year-I dont know how good they are-bu they should be decent,and the price is better than NH.JD or Kubota.With my experience with Ford/NH I wouldnt buy anything else,they have been excellent.
  7. Mr.Ziffel

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    I have had a MF1235 compact for the past two years. At the time I bought it new, I felt it was a better value than the JD, Kubota or NH. It's beefier than the comparable Kubota with more HP for the price. The NH and Deere were comparable in the way they were built but Deere cost a lot more and NH was in short supply at the time so I was not able to give them a complete comparison.

    The MF has a Mitsubishi 3 cyl. diesel which is very strong with 4WD. It is light enough that ag tires don't tear up turf [if you don't spin them] but has very good capacity for loader, scraper and mower [72 inch Woods field groomer]. I often choose the Massey instead of my 75HP International except where I'm doing actual plowing, discing, heavy harrowing etc.

    Finally, the dealer is great and MF is a division of Agco which worldwide is much larger than JD or any other tractor maker--I've seen em in Africa and South America, but they didn't really promote their compact tractor market until recently. Good luck, Will
  8. steveair

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    I won't get into brands too much, but will give the recomendation that no matter what you buy, be sure to get a hydrostatic trans instead of a stick.

    Don't know how much time you have spent on a tractor, but the hydro is the only way to go. Personally, I like the kubota, but have never had any problems with JD either. New hollands are nice too.

    I think you can get a better deal or find a manual trans tractor much cheaper, but I would shell the extra bucks out for the hydro. The glide shift on the L35 kubota is decent though. Also, kubota now has a L48, which is a 48hp with a hydro, has front auxillary hydraulics, a quick disconnect system for the front loader, and can be had with a backhoe for around 45K. Not a bad deal, but it is a big machine. I often find the L35 is big for some places, and often end up with the B21, though the seat switching is such a pain in the ass to go from hoe to loader.

    In the used market, I see a lot of kubota's, and older john deere model 55's (755,855,955) The 55's are nice little machines, and are in plenty as old rentals.


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  9. 65hoss

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    I love the older tractors. You can get them cheaper and work them constantly. Tractors will last a long time. If I was going to buy a new one, I probably would take a trip to JD. Their service is second to none.
  10. double e

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    I have a Kubota- Love it- One tough tractor-
    Mine isn't hydrostatic- It dosen't bother me a bit?

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