Compact Utility Tractors

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. DVS Hardscaper

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    Someone else mentioned them in the "moving 9 tons of soil" thread. Anyone use them?

    We have 2 big skid steers. But sometimes they're way too heavy for the job at hand.

    Compact Utility tractors really come in handy for working in the back yards of town homes. Most town homes have difficult access to the back yard. A skid will destroy the common area, and many times it's too far to wheel-barr the material, and a dingo is too small and too slow. This is where a compact Utility tractor comes in handy. As long as the soil is net sopping wet - they hardly make a dent in the ground. They're also very handy for doing quick, small jobs at single family properties as well.

    I have a New Holland. 35 HP, gear drive, 4wd. I bought it for use primarily at my residence (as in the photo), but we do use it for some of our small jobs from time to time. It's nice to come across a small job that you'd normally turn down or have to price really high because of all the turf restoration to follow, and be able to offer a reasonable price, sell the work, and make a profit.


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  2. Brennans' STS

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    It is all I use, BX 2200 and BX 23 Kubota. My business is centered around these tractors abilities.
  3. Bru75

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    I have a Kubota L3010 that I bought to use for loading and moving things in my storage yard while the Bobcat was out on a job. After using the tractor for a while, I bought a backhoe attachment for it and now it goes to most jobs while the Bobcat stays home.
    I still use the Bobcat for things that the tractor just can't do, but the tractor (easier to climb aboard, uses less fuel, more visibility, less lawn damage) works better for me most of the time.

  4. DeereHauler

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    i was the guy who mentioned the compact utility tractor in the other thread. i only have a 24hp, i wanted something bigger, but the guy who had this for sale made a deal that no one would pass up. half price of new unit, 1 year old, and 75 hours on it.

    its a John deere 2305, cab with full steel/glass doors, heat, and loader. i have some attachments that help me out a lot. i bought a 3 pt hitch 55 gal sprayer, and i now spray my very large properties, and soccer fields with it. its very light, and has virtually no ground impact. its going to be used a lot in winter for clearing sidewalks due to its small size, and cab with heat.

    it will never replace a skid steer, but its much less aggressive when i need it to be.

    i don't even have a picture of it yet...... ;)
  5. DeereHauler

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    found one, we used this to move stone and block, we had to cross such a long stretch of lawn it wasn't worth tearing it up for such a small wall

  6. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    Compact track loader's. Don't forget those. Many of the advantages from both sides.
  7. P.L.

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    I have a kioti ck 25 with turf tires that I bring to almost every job. I can go right across existing landscapes without a bit of damage. Because most of my jobs are with in a mile of my shop it's very easy to load and off load and makes it worth while to bring even if the job is small like spreading to or three yards of material. Every machine has it's applications and although my kioti can not do stuff as quickly as a skid steer it still gets it done, and with my excavator, I would take the combo over a skid steer any day.
  8. kootoomootoo

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    what is the lift capacity on those rear forks.
  9. DeereHauler

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    i don't know about the forks specifically, but the 3 pt is rated for 680 lbs 24" back from the links, and 1430 lbs. at the links. we just found a good combination of front and rear weight without breaking anything. the fork unit itself is just an inexpensive carry all my brother bought and converted to fit his quick hitch, he doesn't use it so i bought it, if i had to guess it would easily hold 1000lbs.
  10. green_with_envy

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    I have one of the new Bobcats....27 hp. I love it.

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