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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by prairie, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. ohiolawnguy

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    red seems to be the color of choice around here for smaller LCO's. i dont really think it matters what color you use so long as you do quality work.
  2. Lawn Dog2001

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    I agree with MATTHEW. When you pick a color you should use it on everything. The one thing I have noticed is that, red is a very common color for contractors and landscapers. If you really want to stand out, you might want to try something different. The one thing nice about white is any color of lettering will stand out, if you have your truck lettered.
  3. CL73Inc

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    i like one uses it. and the nice thing is you can paint everything brown. truckks, dump bodies, trailers, etc. and everything will look consistent and uniform. it worked for UPS right? brown seems to fit landscaping well too. dirt is our business right?
  4. gogetter

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    Except for one of the largest companies in the country, Brickman.

    When I lived in an apartment complex last year, they used a large service that used red for everything, trucks, shirts, enclosed trailers. Definately presented a very proffessional image, and it looked pretty sweet when they had several vehicles lined up and about 15 guys in red shirts attacking the bushes with hedge trimmers all at once!
    I drive a yellow Dodge Dakota, it definately stands out! And even though I get alot of compliments on my truck, I have received a little razzing by a couple friends about it being a girly color.
    I think a yellow theme would be cool, truck, enclosed trailer, shirts. What do ya think, too much yellow? It REALLY stands out!

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