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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by HBLandscaping, Oct 31, 2007.

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    My buddy and his 2 brother have been running a company for a few years now. They do mostly heavy landscaping jobs, Large equipment operations hydro seeding, large grading jobs, Large clearing jobs, pasture/farm land work / Equestrian farm land work etc. They have been working under the name of ********** Equine Services, But now they are starting to get into more residential areas and have been looking to get into the lawn care (Mowing, mulching etc) this up coming season. He asked me the other day if they should change the company name from *********Equine Services to either Barnes Lawn Care & Landscaping or Barnes Lawn Care & Landscaping. Im not really sure what to tell him. He has worked with the name ******** Equine Services for 4 yrs now but they dont want that to limit them to the larger jobs (rural work) when they are trying to get more into Lawn care now and work inthe residential areas. Our area is changing from rural to residential so fast that they will lose 40% of there clients in the next 2 yrs and in the next 5 they will be almost out of work all together do to the farm land being bought up by developers, so they want to start now making the change over from more rural work to more residential.

    I think Barnes Landscaping and Lawn Care doesnt sound bad...What does everyone on LawnSite think?

    what do you guys think about having "Lawn Care & Landscaping or Landscaping & Lawn Care as part of the name. Im kinda liking the name wth both in it.
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    what's wrong with changing the name to******** equine lawn care services . that way their old name is already out their and just add to the name to open up there line of work offered
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    in my city of 15k there is one huge lawn service. i will use a false name but "Harolds" Lawn and Garden Service was lookin to get into excavating. wat he did was bought out an existing excavating company "Bills" Excavating, but kept there name. so now on ALL of the work trucks, and dump trucks, and heavy equip. it says "Harolds" Lawn and Garden service and "Bills" Excavating right next to it. wat i am sayin is keep your same company name just start up a seperate branch. so keep ****Equine Services as one branch, then start up ****Equine Lawn Service or however u like it

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